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Apatite Stud Earrings for Clarity, Focus, and Creativity

Apatite Stud Earrings for Clarity, Focus, and Creativity

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These polished apatite studs are a beautiful and versatile addition to any jewelry collection. The apatite stones are a vibrant blue-green color that will be enhanced in the light. The studs are made witch a stainless steel hypoallergenic posts and silicon backs that are comfortable to wear.

Apetite is a versatile crystal that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a good crystal to use for anyone who wants to improve their mental clarity, creativity, communication skills, or overall well-being.

Order your pair of polished apatite studs today and experience the beauty and healing power of this amazing crystal!

Crystals have long been used for their healing and spiritual benefits. They can help to balance the body’s energy, improve the flow of energy, and promote spiritual and emotional growth.

Reiki infused jewelry to align with the recipients highest good.

Polished Natural Apatite Crystal - Each pair is similar in size, shape, and color. They are not identical.


Nickel Free Posts

Comfort Silicone Backing

Natural Crystals

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Small 1/4"

Medium 1/3"

Large 1/2"

Care Instructions

Frequent exposure to water may harm the integrity of your crystals and tarnish the metal pieces.

Aligned with Your Highest Good

Reiki infused jewelry to align with the recipients highest good.

Crystals are believed to possess metaphysical properties, which are energetic in nature. Please note that there is no scientific evidence to support these metaphysical properties, and it is important to do your own research and find what works best for you. Even if you don't believe in their energetic properties, crystals can still be a source of comfort, inspiration, and beauty.

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